Exhibition IKSIT 2014 in the Kammerhof Museum Gmunden, room for contemporary art

The cooperation with the Symposium Gmunden becomes more intense. Gmunden is one of the European ceramic centres like Faenza in Italy, Selb and Höhr-Grenzhausen in Germany or Limoges in France. It was the first time that we have shown works from the two symposia together before in Innsbruck in July and August..

In Gmunden you will see the works from the Tyrolean Symposium, high qualitity contemporary ceramics are created from ceramic artists as well as from artists working usualy in other fields, to support the better inclusion in the art context.

This is the opening exhibition for the famous potter market from Gmunden.

More information: :www.iksit.at

Potter market:www.gmunden.ooe.gv.at

Participants IKSIT 2014

Bosnien: Tatjana Kovacevic

Deutschland: Heide Nonnenmacher; www.nonnenmacher-design.de

Rumänien: Cristina Popescu

Israel: Simcha even-chen;www.simcha-evenchen.com

Spanien : Rafa Perez; www.rafaperez.es


Michaela Falkensteiner; www.galerienothburga.at/content/view/136/98/

Sibylle von Halem;www.sibyllevonhalem.eu/

Ute Lehmann;www.utelehmann.at/

Elisabeth Melkonyan; www.melkonyan.at

Gabriela Nepo-Stieldorf;www.nepo-stieldorf.at

Katharina Schmidinger;


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