Ceramics is the oldest and most ubiquitous medium through which human beings have developed their creative potential, and is indispensable for the study of human history. 
Understanding the world starts with touching the material, by grasping the 3-dimensionality of an object we increasingly comprehend and appreciate our own bodies, also in proportion to architecture and surroundings. 

Artists living in Tirol have committed themselves considerably to ceramics, a field essential for culture and the history of mankind. This is a fact which I regard as both important as well as encouraging. 
Within the scope of the EU Culture Programme three international symposia were held in Innsbruck in 2005, 2008 and 2011. The symposium proved to be a successful mixture of intense work and an experience of local culture and surrounding nature; thus having a tremendous long-lasting effect by acting as a meeting place for intercultural encounter, and enabling personal and artistic friendship among local artists and their colleagues from abroad, leading to further symposia, artist-in-residence stays and exhibitions in the Imperial Castle in Innsbruck. Furthermore, school projects as well as highly interesting contacts with the local teacher training college were initiated, including summer seminars for teachers. 
Due to this high-class symposium ceramics has been acknowledged as a part of international art here in Tirol and the demand for further exhibitions has been stimulated. Ceramics becomes a recognised part of art.

2014 we will work in the rooms from the HTL ( polytechnic college) in the centre of Innsbruck from 13th to 26th July with garden for smoke firing. Public lectures offer the meeting between visitors and artists. The finishing event and presentation of works made during the symposium is in gallery Nothburga  26th July evening and 27th from 10 to 7pm.

The accompanying exhibition will be in the Foyer of the imperial castle from 17th July to 14th August.

A special attraction will be the presentation of works from the last Symposium in Gmunden, which is the most famous ceramic symposium from Austria. Afterwards our pieces will be shown in the Kammerhofmuseum in Gmunden, opening during the Potters fair.

We are convinced about the necessity of an exchange between economy and art, as a base for a creative economics, scientific and cultural development. Therefore we are looking for partners appreciating the artistic engagement. In return we offer the print of their logo in all media, a link in our website and a work from one of the participating artist.  


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